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Jan 30
HR quiz

Are you putting your company at risk?

Take our Quiz to find out Managing people and managing a business at the same time is far from easy.  We’re frequently faced with new challenges and decisions to make. And then there are the complexities of human nature! Keeping on top of HR regulation is a job in itself... read more →
Nov 15
Help I need to hire someone

Help I need to hire someone!

Suddenly the day has arrived.  You conceived it, given it a name, guided it through difficult times, watched it grow, and let’s face it probably shed a tear or two. And now your business is ready to grow, it’s time to get someone new into the business, whether for the... read more →
Sep 11
Mar 16

GDPR – What’s it all about?

The GDPR, coming into force in May 2018, is one of the hottest topics in the business world at the moment. For small and medium businesses (SMEs), understanding the implications of GDPR compliance and how it affects smaller... read more →
Oct 18